About Us

Caleb's Candles was born from a simple desire to provide great smelling, long lasting, high end Wood Wick candles - at an affordable price! Over nine years of local marketing and research have resulted in what we believe is one of the finest Wood Wick candles you will ever burn.
The name "Caleb" comes from the Bible. It represents nothing more or less than the simple belief he had in God, making him one of two people out of an entire generation of a nation to inherit what God had promised. His unwavering faith inspired the name of our company and our motto: "See The Light." (based on Luke 11:33) As Caleb lived in The Light, he became a light for an entire nation.
Our candles provide a literal example of "See The Light" and whether or not this inspires you or you just enjoy the ambiance of a crackling Wood Wick candle, we think you'll agree that when you're burning a Caleb's Candle, you're burning one of the finest candles on the market!

Mission and Quality Statement

To provide a quality, long lasting, uniquely scented, clean burning, Wood Wick candle - at an affordable price.To be the light so people can "See The Light."